Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Challenge - layouts #13 and #14

This is it, the last of my productivity for the weekend and the last of the friends pictures on layouts.  beautiful subject to scrapbook, so it has been fun.

Layouts for the 2011 Challenge

Well ladies, I have been a little busy but managed to put these layouts together thanks in great part to the CTMH Notebook paperpack!  This brings my total to 12 layouts, 8 cards....only 40 more layouts and 40 more cards to go!!!

Now the best part is, I have done these for a friend who just can't seem to find time to scrapbook with a one year old around, so I DO NOT have to do any of the journaling!!!  That part she gets to do herself.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its "Fursday"

Well, its Fursday ladies!  Technically Thursday, but the end of my formal work week so my friday!  I plan to unwind each week with a project of some sort.  (at least til boating season!)  Hope you like these truly throw togethers, but fun to do nonetheless.

(that makes 6 layouts and 8 cards for the 2011 challenge)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A couple more fun cards!

Well, I'm all evened up now, this makes 6 layouts and 6 cards for the 2011 challenge.  When I started this process, I would have never dreamed I would get this many done, this quickly.  Thanks to all you challenge girls for the inspiration and little "push" I needed to get into my room!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few layouts for the 2011 challenge

So I guess that makes for 6 layouts and 4 cards?  Wow, a full week left in January and so far on track!  What are the chances that this will continue?  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Layouts are on the LIST!

I guess after spending time in my scrap paper pile over the last couple of weeks, making a variety of cards and having fun playing with new techniques and tools, its really time to get some layouts done and posted for the 2011 "Fifty Two plus Two" Challenge.

With the weather being so ridiculously cold out, at least for another day or two, its time to get involved with those household projects done as well.  I have a bit of a break in the curling action with no trips to the rink scheduled til next Wednesday so wish me luck on the "to do" list!

I hope to post some layouts by the end of the weekend and start off this 2011 challenge on track....wish me luck in ending January on a high note and on schedule!

Fairy Fun Fridays challenge entry AND Card #4 for the 2011 challenge

I am entering this card at Fairy Fun Fridays challenge #44, Happy Birthday!

This image was drawn by an incredibly talented 11 year old!  Love love love this one and hope to see more of Gabby's work soon!  

2011 challenge cards #2 and #3

I was having fun with my new Nesties and paper from the pile!  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Perhaps I should rethink my goals???

Well I spent a great morning and part of an afternoon with the girls.  We did some scrapbooking/cardmaking and had a lovely lunch.  I did discover however that I really can get a lot more accomplished than I might have believed at the start of the 2011 challenge!

I will endeavor in 2011, to complete and post 52 layouts, and at least 2 cards per month (I personally would like to do at least 4 cards per month).  This challenge will definitely become challenging for me as summer approaches and my focus shifts to the boat and the beauty of Lake of the Woods, but I will have to get incredibly organized and efficient now for the next few months of winter!

Wish me luck ladies...and I will try to start getting some postings up here this week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another one for the "fun"

This layout is for some great friends to celebrate their beautiful little Roxy "O".....she is a real live doll and they are great water neighbors!  Momma is a kick ass curler, a regular sports star of the week I say!

I am entering this layout as a second entry at Fairy Fun Fridays where the challenge is "New Beginnings

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Challenge card of 2011

Well, here goes.  This is my first card for the 2011 challenge of 4 cards per month but also my entry to Fairy Fun Fridays - "new beginnings"!  I am such a novice at this card making thing and I thank all my friends for their assistance in figuring out how to upload and link.  Truly a patient crowd.

I am entering this card at Fairy Fun Fridays where the challenge is "New Beginnings"

2011 Challenge

My girl Roz, has asked me to play along with a group of other "keeners" to participate in a year long challenge.  The whole picture is 52 layouts and 2 cards a I have been upfront and said I'm not sure of the layouts but definitely want to do the cards.

2 cards a month translates into 24 a year.  That seems incredibly doable so I'm raising the bar for myself slightly and I'm going to attempt 4 a month for a total of 48.  I will post layouts as well, as they get completed. but no promises on the final number.

Keep checking back and see how I do!