Sunday, January 16, 2011

Perhaps I should rethink my goals???

Well I spent a great morning and part of an afternoon with the girls.  We did some scrapbooking/cardmaking and had a lovely lunch.  I did discover however that I really can get a lot more accomplished than I might have believed at the start of the 2011 challenge!

I will endeavor in 2011, to complete and post 52 layouts, and at least 2 cards per month (I personally would like to do at least 4 cards per month).  This challenge will definitely become challenging for me as summer approaches and my focus shifts to the boat and the beauty of Lake of the Woods, but I will have to get incredibly organized and efficient now for the next few months of winter!

Wish me luck ladies...and I will try to start getting some postings up here this week.


  1. Fun scrappin' with ya today Jan !

  2. I never get anything done in the summer! but I do have 2 weekends a year where all I do is scrap, so majority of my work gets done then. I can usually complete 12-15 pages in the 3 day weekend. You can do it Jan!!!

  3. Glad to see you got the blog list done! Here's another link for you to add:

    Had a great day yesterday!

  4. Yes, you can do it! With Roz and the rest of us egging you on, you'll have no troubles! Good luck!!!

  5. I think you will have no troubles complete this goal :)Can not wait to see your posts