Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Challenge

My girl Roz, has asked me to play along with a group of other "keeners" to participate in a year long challenge.  The whole picture is 52 layouts and 2 cards a I have been upfront and said I'm not sure of the layouts but definitely want to do the cards.

2 cards a month translates into 24 a year.  That seems incredibly doable so I'm raising the bar for myself slightly and I'm going to attempt 4 a month for a total of 48.  I will post layouts as well, as they get completed. but no promises on the final number.

Keep checking back and see how I do!


  1. Welcome to the challenge group Jan! Very cute card!

  2. Thanks for joining Jan!!! You can set your goal to be whatever you want it to be (: I've added you to my list for the challenge on my side bar.